Writing master’s thesis and the English labor market

Writing master’s theses makes it difficult for many students. It’s worth knowing if the things you learn will give us the right edge on the job market. We learn as a rule not only for passion, but also to have an interesting job and earn good money. The following text analyzes the most sought-after employees in UK.

Currently, the most sought-after on the job market are salespeople. Internet portals are full of offers for customer advisers, financial advisors, sales representatives, key acccount managers, etc. It is comforting that in order to be a seller, you do not need to have completed specific studies. The skills and the right mentality count in this profession. Literature regarding sales, training and relevant films are widely available, e.g. on the Internet.

In second place, when it comes to the interest of employers, there are various IT specialists. Of course, among them are programmers of various programming languages. Currently, the shortage of IT specialists in UK is estimated at around 100,000. Learning programming is cheap. All you need is to buy the right books and a cheap computer. And nothing more is needed. Learning programming is cheaper than learning a foreign language. Buying an IT book can cost, for example, 60 $. This is roughly as much as 1.5 hours of English teacher’s work. This is good news for people who think about a possible retraining.

The third place must be distinguished by qualified manual workers. There are such employees as, for example, truck drivers, welders, masons, CNC machine operators, etc. These are works that require specific, practical knowledge. Demand for this competition is partly due to the collapse of vocational education in UK.

Writing master’s thesis, and the English labor market … A general summary.

Writing master’s theses is certainly very intellectually developing students. However, they certainly do not guarantee professional success. It is currently very easy to retrain. The Internet has revolutionized modern education. It is easy to learn foreign languages, computer science or economics in the comfort of your own home. The labor market has changed a lot. It is much easier to get a job than it was a few years ago.