Video Slot with Extra Stars

The long-awaited slot machine sequel is here, and it’s called Extra Stars Slot. It’s a cool and daring thing to do. It was designed by Euro Games Technology, therefore the UI is gorgeous. It’s loaded with options and offers a ton of rewards. You are free to pursue such rewards if you so want.

Extra Stars is a popular casino game that is only rivaled by a select few other free online slots.

There are a wide variety of credit values, credit bets, and rewards, some of which are worth as much as 20,000 coins.

Either you are a safe better, or you are a big roller, there is a broad variety of stakes you may make on this game.

You may wager anywhere from a penny and a dollar on each of the game’s ten paylines, with credit bets ranging from ten to two hundred.


The game’s UI is gorgeous, making it a breeze to find your way around. Everything is in position, and the screen’s starry glow creates the sensation of actually being in space.


The rules of a game are there to ensure everyone has a fair chance at winning or losing. Extra Stars Slot is a real money game, therefore the terms and conditions might be beneficial, harmful, or somewhere in between.

For instance, in order to obtain the promised $100 cash bonus after signing up, you must first deposit $100.

The same holds true for the stakes: 1.00 per coin and 0.01, respectively. These terms make the game playable and keep it controlled for your usage.

It’s easy to start playing casino games online. Turning the reels is as challenging as it gets. The grid of the game is five reels wide and three reels high. Using the grid properly would get you enormous rewards and bonuses, while using it poorly would just squander your time and effort.

You can gamble anywhere from 10 to 200 credits, with credit values ranging from 0.01 to 1 coin. It’s a spin, you never know what will happen, and there’s no surefire way to win big.

However, you may maximize your return on investment by playing this casino game online.


New users are warmly welcomed to the platform. Before you can get your welcome bonus, you’ll need to sign up. If you have done that, the platform will provide you $100 free of charge for you to use and withdraw at anytime.

This cash double offer is available, but only if you deposit at least $100 into your account. The bonus is yours to do with as you like once you’ve made a first deposit of at least $100. RTP access is also granted to you.


To obtain your signup bonus, you do not need to wager. However, there are a number of rewards available to players who are successful. To the tune of two thousand coins, if you combine cherries and lemons. The plums and oranges have a maximum monetary output of $3,000.

Fruits like melons and grapes are rumored to give back as much as four thousand coins. Up to ten thousand coins can be won by combining bananas. Only by getting 7s can you win the maximum reward of 20,000 coins.

There is also a potential of a wild star appearing on the second, third or fourth reel, and this might pay you heaps of prizes.


If you’re looking for an exciting online slot, go no further than Extra Stars. It has a ton of fun extras and jackpots like it’s the holiday season. It’s up to you to make use of these capabilities while having a good time.