Sugarpop! Online Slot Rating and reviews

SugarPop! was one of the first slot machines to include level-based bonus features, and it was introduced as part of a “new breed” of casino games called hybrid games, which mix the features and gameplay of video slots with casual gambling goods. This game was meant to offer you a win after a win, enabling you to rack up rewards of up to 25,000 coins every spin while playing for real cash. Stretching over a 5×5 screen with cluster pay principles, this game was created to bring you a win after a win.

SugarPop! is a level-up game that was designed for the modern player. In order to unlock special bonus symbols, you will need to play the game more. Some of these bonus symbols have the ability to change the appearance of the reels, while others have the ability to increase the number of times you win. As is the case with many contemporary slot machines, this game has been enhanced so that it can be enjoyed equally well on personal computers and on mobile devices of any kind, whether they smartphones or tablets.

Slot Controls & Configuration for SugarPop!

SugarPop! is a game that is primarily geared at casual punters, so the fact that it is quite simple to play should not come as much of a surprise to anybody. The buttons for spinning the reels are located in the middle of the bottom of the screen, and there are two controls for placing bets on each side. Your total stake is determined by the coin value you choose and the amount you wager, both of which are controlled by these settings. Because each spin on the slot machine costs a minimum of 50 coins, players have the opportunity to enjoy a truly broad variety of betting options, with the least wager set at 0.50 credits and the maximum set at a whopping 250 credits per spin.

SugarPop! is an uncommon slot machine in that it does not have any paylines but rather depends on a cluster pay mechanism to pay out rewards. This is one of the most interesting aspects of the game. As soon as you begin playing, it will need up to seven candy symbols to activate your payments, and more than ten different types of sweet symbols will be required to activate the other extra features. All of the payments that are handed out by the candy symbols are stated in coins, and if you raise the amount that you wager, the rewards will also grow. If you play the game for real money and wager at least 50 coins every spin, you will be eligible for rewards ranging from 18 to 500 coins for each winning sequence. If, on the other hand, you double the amount of coins you play with to 250 every round, the payments you get will range anywhere from 90 to 2,500 coins per sequence.

Naturally, there is also a version of the game that is optimized for mobile devices, and it is accessible to every bettor who enjoys playing when they are out and about in the world. This particular version of the slot machine is compatible with mobile devices running both Android and iOS, and it can be played without any hiccups in any screen orientation. Simply access the slot’s menu to make any necessary adjustments to your bet, and once you’re ready to start playing, tap the spin button on the screen of your mobile device.

The Gameplay and Additional Features of SugarPop!

The SugarPop! slot machine from BetSoft utilizes a cluster pays mechanism to award rewards, much like the Aloha: Cluster Pays slot machine from NetEnt. In order to be eligible for a reward, you will need to gather at least three symbols that are identical and that contact the screen either horizontally or vertically. The term “cluster” refers to any such combination, and the payout for a cluster is determined by the number of symbols that triggered it. Therefore, constructing a cluster of five symbols with it will pay 150 coins, given that a single sign awards 30 coins (5 x 30 coins).

When a winning cluster is established, it will burst, and new symbols will fall to take its place. This happens whenever a winning cluster is made. Exploding clusters, which result in a victory, also add points to your level-up score, which in turn enables you to advance through the game’s 21 distinct levels. While passing through some of these levels is required in order to get certain unique bonus symbols, some levels are just levels themselves. You get a bonus symbol at the beginning of the game that jumbles up all of the other symbols on the screen, giving you what is essentially an extra turn, while other symbols have the potential to create winning combinations even when there are no clusters present, remove losing symbols from the screen, and so on. You may also fill up your level up score more quickly by building a winning cluster in the shape of the unique bonus pattern that is shown on the right side of your screen.

When playing for real money, the slot machine also has a number of extra bonus features that you can use to help you win more rewards. If you gather four symbols that match one another, for instance, the slot machine will form a super color symbol on your screen. This symbol has the potential to triple your awards if it is combined with a winning cluster on the following spin. Instead of matching three icons, you need to match five in order to generate the color bomb symbol, which blows up all symbols of the same color.