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Premier American soccer league includes franchises in both the USA and Canada. Soccer betting lines are available for both the regular season and playoffs.

Other things to anticipate from our recommended best sportsbooks while playing online.

Only the best betting sites are included here, and they all:

Have several betting and banking alternatives.

Handle your personal data securely

Offer an enticing welcome bonus and ongoing loyalty incentives

The Best MLS Sites We Find

As the MLS has increased in prominence, so has the number of betting sites. We made a list of the finest in class to save you the trouble of browsing the internet for them.

Top online sportsbooks should have:

They must be entirely legal, licensed, and committed to responsible betting.

Great MLS betting odds for both matches and outright markets.

Live betting, so you may bet on the game live.

Excellent customer service choices for your betting account

Regular promotions once you’ve used your welcome bonus

Join an MLS Betting Site

Join a sportsbook from our list of best MLS betting sites.

On the site, there should be a visible ‘Join’ or ‘Sign Up’ button.

Fill up your personal data on the registration form.

This may contain a security question and answer to further secure your account.

Create a username and password to log in.

Then input a coupon code – Some bookmakers won’t offer you a bonus until you have

Confirm your age (various states have different gambling regulations) and accept the site’s rules.

What MLS Bonuses Are There?

Our recommended sportsbooks provide various sports betting incentives for different categories of bettors. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an MLS-specific promotion or a generic offer for soccer. To entice new consumers, bookmakers must now do more.

Welcome bonus – Getting a bonus when you join a sportsbook is now normal. Check the terms and conditions to discover whether the welcome bonus is really worth it. Free bets may include wagering limitations or other restrictions.

Price rises — Around significant events like the MLS Cup Final, there may be boosted odds on one club to win. Both new and old clients are typically welcome.

A VIP club is an increasingly popular way for betting sites to reward loyal customers, particularly those who wager often. You may obtain incentives for placing so many bets every week. Consistently read the terms and conditions to understand what you must accomplish and if joining the club is required.

On MLS Betting?

MLS Betting Basics

You’ve never gambled on soccer but are curious in the MLS and how it works. You may bet on the outcome of a game. There are only three outcomes in this market. Either the host team wins, or the match is a draw.

The odds for an MLS game may be represented in three ways, depending on where you are betting. While UK and Irish bookmakers favor fractions, the rest of Europe and beyond prefer decimals.

American soccer betting lines are decimal odds preceded by a plus or minus. Consider this:

Los Angeles Galaxy – 2.00


LAFC +4.00

Galaxy are the betting favorites to win the match since their price is minus. If you wager $1 on the home team to win, you will get $2 back (your $1 investment + $1 profit). A $4 bet on a drawing here returns $10 (including $6 winnings). Los Angeles FC is the betting underdog, and if they win, you’ll get back $8 (plus $6 profit) for every $2 you bet.

If you want to view fractional or decimal odds without the moneyline plus and minus, several sportsbooks now let you do so. Adjust your account settings before you start betting so you know exactly what you’re betting on and what it represents.

Types of MLS Bets

These days’ MLS betting odds go beyond merely picking a winner. Soccer betting is a significant industry all around the globe, therefore here are some more prominent markets:

Striker markets – Who will score first, second, or last? What’s the risk of scoring more than once in a game? All of these scenarios have odds.

What will the ultimate outcome be? Not just who will win, but by how much?

In addition, you may combine players to score a goal with the match outcome or accurate score market. Wincasts predict anytime goalscorer and winning team, while scorecasts predict the ultimate score.

Over/Under X goals — The overall number of goals in the match, or in the first or second half, may also be bet on. These markets may appeal to US bettors who like spread betting on US sports.

Handicap betting – These are hypothetical deficits for the betting favorites to overcome or advantages for the underdogs to maintain. To cover a -2 handicap supported team winning 4-1, the team must win 4-1. The handicap market barrier will be established by the oddsmakers.

Which club will win the MLS Cup in December? This is a season-long futures or ante post market.

Which MLS club do you think will make the playoffs at the conclusion of the regular season?

Who do you think will win the MLS’s Eastern or Western Conferences?

How to Bet In-Play on the MLS

In recent years, sports betting has evolved to include live betting on tournaments like the MLS. When the referee blew his whistle to start a game, the betting halted since fixed odds markets were closed.

Live betting, often known as in-play betting, is now accessible. This approach has led to new markets including next team, score, and goalscorer, which have changed the way we wager. Top sportsbooks will be on board already.

MLS Mobile Betting

Putting a soccer bet on your phone is now as simple as placing an in-play wager. You might even be at an MLS game watching the action and betting on it using an internet connection and your smartphone or tablet.

All major bookmakers provide free sports betting applications for Android and iOS smartphones. Don’t worry if you have a BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Your web browser has a mobile-friendly version of a sports betting site. You can make your MLS betting mobile in several ways.

MLS Competition and Format

MLS Format and Competition

The league now has 23 teams, 20 in the US and three in Canada. The two are the Eastern and Western Conferences. On average, each MLS team plays the other Conference’s teams twice during the regular season (either home or away).

The regular season’s top six clubs from each Conference progress to the playoffs. Because each team is seeded, the top two in each Conference get byes in the early stages and enter later. The MLS Cup Final may only be between two teams from each conference. Some playoff games need two legs, although the first and final are one.

History of MLS

The MLS, founded in 1993 and first played in 1996, has increased in popularity and is currently aired globally. The tournament is growing in popularity as more and more prominent soccer players come to compete in it, frequently towards the conclusion of their careers.

The MLS began in 1996 with ten clubs and has since expanded in size. The Designated Player Rule helped bring in international soccer players like ex-England captain David Beckham in 2007. MLS is not a one-way highway; many native American stars have gone on to larger and better things in Europe.

Jozy Alitdore and Clint Dempsey are two who have successfully reversed their careers. Following in his footsteps were World Cup winners like Spain’s David Villa, France’s Thierry Henry, and Italy’s Andrea Pirlo. Chelsea’s Wayne Rooney wore the same shirt as his England colleagues Ashley Cole and Steven Gerrard.

Beckham’s impact on the MLS extends even after he retires, as his Miami-backed team will join the competition in 2020.

Betting on the MLS

The MLS is coming up to the NBA, NFL, and NHL in terms of betting popularity among Americans. The MLS is a good option now that it is more established.

On this website, our specialists only propose the best MLS betting sites. Each sportsbook is completely licensed and dedicated to keeping your data safe. Sign up now and start betting on your favorite MLS team!