A Review of the Slot Machine Clusterbuster

Best of luck Clusterbuster is Red Tiger’s second online slot game to feature the company’s patented Clusterbuster technology. Although one may claim that the concept was originally seen in the developer’s older game Thor’s Lightning, Dragons Clusterbuster was the first. Players who have been following the evolution of this mechanism will know what to anticipate this time around: clearing a central concentration of “blocker” tiles to score a victory. This is there, as is the Lucky Wind Blow feature, free spins with roving wild multipliers, and Leprechaun Wilds.

Slot themes like Thor and dragons, as well as the Irish, Celtic, and Leprechaun notions that have been employed to theme Good Luck Clusterbuster, are hardly original. Red Tiger, however, has rendered its leprechaun in a blocky graphic manner, giving him personality, and the strange yet peppy music is also distinct. The board is somewhat large, with 9 columns and 9 symbols, yet the core game includes a unique 3×3 block in the centre of the grid. A little circle of rocks surrounds a heap of vegetation, creating a sacred-looking spot in the center of which the game grid has been set up. Good Luck Clusterbuster is one of several leprechaun-themed video games available, yet it manages to stand apart in a little way.

What stands out is the enormous earning potential that Good Luck Clusterbuster offers for a Red Tiger slot machine. We’ll get there in a minute, but first, a quick look at some other key numbers: the maximum RTP is 95.73 percent, but the volatility is rather high. You may play Good Luck Clusterbuster on any platform, and the betting range is narrow, from 10 p/c each spin to £/€4 (a clear RT indicative of the relatively large winning possibility).

Best of luck Clusterbuster is a slot machine that pays out for clusters of five or more identical symbols that appear in a row, either horizontally or vertically. The landing of winning clusters clears them from the grid, allowing for the further descent of symbols to fill in the voids. If the symbol drop creates a new cluster, the procedure starts over. The lower-paying symbols on the paytable are represented by four different colored mushrooms (green, purple, red, and yellow), while the higher-paying symbols include horseshoes, pipes, beer cups, and golden clovers. The payout for landing a cluster of five of a type ranges from 0.1x the bet for lows to 0.2x the wager for highs. For 20 or more matching symbols, the payout is 3x the stake for the higher-value icons and 25x the stake for the mushrooms.

Cluster Buster Slots – Best of Luck!

Good Luck Clusterbuster’s features, such as Chain Reactions, Leprechaun Wilds, Clusterbuster, free spins, and the Lucky Wind Blow, are rather standard for a cluster paying grid slot, but they help keep things interesting.

The Lucky Leprechauns

Keep an eye on the four Leprechaun Wilds that are strategically placed throughout the playing board. When employed in a winning cluster, wild symbols can stand in for any other pay symbol.


The 3×3 Pot of Gold in the centre of the board is made up of 9 tiles, all of which are worthless and do nothing. If a winning cluster contains tiles that are next to the Pot of Gold, those tiles will be eliminated.

Bonus Turns

Free spins (5) are awarded if the outside tiles of the inner 3×3 Pot of Gold are broken. During the free games, the pot of gold is taken out and returned after the round is over. After a cluster win happens during free spins, the Leprechaun Wilds may shift one place up, down, left, or right. When employed in a winning cluster, the multiplier attached to each Leprechaun Wild rises by one. All victories that include a wild receive a multiplier. If a victory involves several wilds, each wild will increase the win amount in turn. All multipliers are cleared at the end of each round. Finally, a Lucky Wind Blow can occasionally occur during free spins to cluster wilds together at random.

Best of luck Disaster in a slot: the verdict

Good Luck Clusterbuster is a game that may appeal to you if you enjoy being teased. The middle 3×3 pot of gold is one of the game’s primary objectives, and players often get quite close to completing this task. Frequently, only the outermost tile is removed after the other eight have been damaged. With the four fixed Leprechaun Wilds and the Chain Reaction feature’s repeated cluster wins, players may expect to see many wins and, with any luck, trigger the free spins bonus. Some people may enjoy the near-miss excitement, while others may feel cheated. Look into it if you have the time.

It may be worthwhile to patiently chip away at the Pot of Gold in order to unlock free spins. That’s when things start to get interesting, as the game switches into Jammin’ Jars with leprechauns mode. Having four separate wilds that each have their own progressive multiplier is an interesting concept with potential benefits. Red Tiger slots offer a potentially eye-popping maximum payout of 19,995.7x the initial wager. An astounding sum that surpasses not just Dragons Clusterbuster and Thor’s Lightning but also a large percentage of Red Tiger’s previous output.

When you add it all up, you have a bonus round that, although it owes a lot to other sources, nevertheless has a lot going for it. Some players may have preferred the option to skip the regular game’s potentially tiresome series of enticing spins in favor of an immediate purchase into the game’s bonus round. However, if you have time to kill or are in the mood to be teased, Good Luck Clusterbuster has the technical chops to provide some intense action.