General guidelines for education

Writing bachelor and master theses for students is certainly a challenge. They must demonstrate a proper dedication. In the following article, we will provide some tips on education. They can be useful both in their own education and while studying at the university.

Let’s start with the basic thing, which is the right motivation. When learning something, we must believe that acquired knowledge will be useful in real action. It is difficult to motivate yourself to learn something that will not help us much. The greatest value is knowledge that is used in practice. This practical knowledge is what the employer really is looking for the most.

Another very important thing is learning according to a specific plan. We must set a clear goal that we will accomplish in a given time. Many people of success scrupulously record their progress in a given field. This allows them to correct errors and monitor the degree of implementation of the intended goal. It is better to have a weak plan than not have it at all. This is what the beginning chess players learn. Without a proper plan and visualization of the future state of affairs, it is much harder to achieve the intended goal.

The next big thing to keep in mind is the IT revolution in education. The old proverb “what Johnny will not learn, Jan will not be able to” loses out of importance. At present, it is very easy to learn such things as computer science, foreign language or economics in the comfort of your own home. Competences acquired in your own room can be very well rewarded. For example, to learn how to program, all you need is a computer, appropriate e-books and of course your own commitment. Developers are currently one of the best paid professional groups in UK.

In addition, we have access to free lectures on the Internet, for which you would normally have to pay very large sums of money. In the United States there is a whole market of business lectures that are very expensive. Americans believe that these lectures make them make better business decisions. Thanks to the internet, we often have access to this type of lectures for free. The Internet is a great source of life inspiration.

Writing bachelor’s and master’s thesis, and the English labor market.

Writing bachelor and master theses is certainly very intellectually developing. However, it does not constitute a professional and financial guarantee for students. In the United States and Switzerland, this type of work is not mandatory. In fact, in the labor market, the most important are practical skills. Keep this in mind.